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The Ceramics of Picasso

It is funny how the great artists of the modern era are often famed for work that, on closer inspection of their entire practise, proves to be the least of their talents. Pablo Picasso was recognised for creating the famous art movement Cubism that was inspired by African Sculptures and their simple and yet  primal qualities.

Picasso was allways reinventing himself as he was always searching to push his creative capacity by exploring multiple mediums and methods.

Possibly one of the most glorious and yet overloooked mediums employed by Picasso was his ceramic work. Picasso produced at the Madoura, run by the Ramie family in Vallauris in the south of France. Picasso visited the studio, run by Sazanne Ramié and the same day Picasso produced several pieces of pottery there. From that moment, Picasso created more than 3,500 plates, vases, pitchers and other forms.

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