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Lyrebird Rising - Louise Hanson-Dyer of Oiseau-Lyre 1884-1962 by Jim Davidson (Hardcover)

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Story of the life of Louise Hanson-Dyer (1884-1962). As a young Melbourne socialite she used her wealth (augmented by marrying a wealthy man 25 years her senior) to advance the arts in Melbourne. In 1932 she moved to Paris and established Editions de l'Oiseau-Lyre (Lyrebird Press), and as a music publisher set about reviving baroque and medieval music. Later she began to make discs and this recording venture expanded. In 1950 she made the first long-playing records in Europe and by the time she died Oiseau-Lyre was a famous label. The author is associate professor in humanities at Victoria University of Technology.


Author:  Jim Davidson

Title:  Lyrebird Rising - Louise Hanson-Dyer of Oiseau-Lyre 1884-1962

Published:  1994

Publisher: Melbourne University Press at The Miegunyah Press

Hard Cover: 578 pages

Book Condition:  Very Good (see photos)

Dust Jacket Condition:  Very Good (see photos)


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