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Our gallery artist, Sean Hutton is quickly becoming a much sought after portrait painter.
In the last several months he has been a finalist in the prestigious Mosman Art prize for his portrait of Bob Hawke, was the overall winner of the Singleton Art Prize for his portrait of Paul Barry and now a finalist in Cliftons Art Prize for his portrait of actress, Michaela Burger as 'Edith Piaf'.
Sean's talent for capturing the more subtle emotions as well as an accurate essence in his subject are what sets him apart in an oversaturated world of portrait painters. This ability to capture something deep, but almost intangible is yet another great reason to acquire the work of Sean Hutton​.
Commissioned portraits by Sean Hutton are available and now is the time. Contact Hat Hill Gallery: 0247877033


Here are some examples of Sean's amazing work:

"The Interview with Paul Barry"




Michaela Burger as "Edith Piaf"



"Ben Smith"


"Prime Minister Bob Hawke"


"The Singer"



"The Vicar"


"Maria and Sancho"