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"Aboriginal Australia Contemporary Artists" original poster


Original poster, "Aboriginal Australia", c. 1990, featuring contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists and their artworks, from the National Gallery of Australia collection:


  • Sally Morgan, "Heaven and Earth", 1989
  • Lin Onus, "Jimmy's Billabong", 1988
  • Avvil Quail, "Tresspassers Keep Out", 1982
  • Raymond Meeks, "Bush Figures", 1988
  • Karen Casey, "Hot Fitzroy Night", 1989
  • Fiona Foley, "Moon Fish", 1988

with the exception of Mini Heath, "Glider Possum".

Published by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Canberra.  Poster is in excellent condition, but note some small white scuff marks long right-hand edge (in photo image detail).


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