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Africa Express - Egoli, 2x Vinyl LP

Africa Express - Egoli, 2x Vinyl LP


Africa Express - Egoli, 2x Vinyl LP

Factory Sealed (New).

Hailed as the most revolutionary force in popular music for two decades, music collective Africa Express was founded in 2006 and brings together musicians from different cultures, genres and generations to break boundaries and offer a new perspective on Africa and it's music. Each record and event is unique, based upon on-the-spot collaboration and filled with unique moments of magic; the collective have hosted trips and concerts in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mali and UK to date. Featured artists include Damon Albarn, Blue May, Gruff Rhys, Georgia, Ghetts, Mr Jukes, Nick Zinner, Remi Kabaka, Otim Alpha and Poté as well as emerging and established stars of the buzzing South African music scene including BCUC, Blk Jks, Dominowe, Faka, Infamous Boiz, DJ Spoko, Mahotella Queens, Moonchild Sanelly, Muzi, Morena Leraba, Nonku Phiri, Radio 123, Sibot, Sho Madjozi, Zola 7, Zolani Mahola (Freshly Ground), and Maskandi guitar legend Phuzekhemisi.

Track Listing:

1 Welcome Feat. Phuzekhemisi
2 City in Lights Feat. Georgia, Mahotella Queens, Otim Alpha& Nick Zinner
3 The River Feat. Muzi, Zola 7 & Mahotella Queens
4 Bittersweet Escape Feat. Mr. Jukes, Nonku Phiri & Bcuc
5 Johannesburg Feat. Gruff Rhys, Morena Leraba, Radio 123 & Sibot
6 Become the Tiger Feat. Sibot, Damon Albarn & Mr. Jukes
7 Africa to the World Feat. Infamous Boiz, Dominowe, Otim Alpha, Mahotella Queens, Nick Zinner, Remi Kabaka & Radio 123
8 Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards the Light Feat. Gruff Rhys & Zolani Mahola
9 Where Will This Lead Us To? Feat. Moonchild Sanelly, Radio 123 & Blue May
10 Mama Feat. Otim Alpha, Georgia & Radio 123
11 No Games Feat. Sho Madjozi, Pote, Moonchild Sanelly, Ghetts, Muzi& Radio 123
12 Morals Feat. Moonchild Sanelly, Mahotella Queens, Muzi& Mr. Jukes
13 Taranau Feat. Otim Alpha & Gruff Rhys
14 The Return of Bacardi Feat. DJ Spoko & Faka
15 Sizi Freaks Feat. Infamous Boiz & Moonchild Sanelly
16 Twirl Feat. Pote & Ghetts
17 I Can't Move Feat. Damon Albarn, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr. Jukes, Sibot & Blue May

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