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Assagai ‎– Zimbabwe. African Folk Songs, 1972 SA Philips LP 6308 079.

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Some groups really shouldn't have been left behind by history. Some were tight, heavy, expert players with great ideas and delivery, but somehow that just wasn't enough. It certainly wasn't for Assagai. By the very early 1970s, Nigerian guitarist Fred Coker had helped guide Assagai into position as the only real West African competition to the super-star firepower of Ghana's Osibisa. However, just before an American tour, Osibisa's bass player Spartacus left (and moved to Australia), the Ghanains asked Coker to swap lead guitar for bass and he said yes. Assagai were as good as finished, but this album - recorded in Coker's absence - crept out before the shutters came down.

This record is from the collection of Horst Leipolt (1927-2019), life-long jazz aficionado and instigator of successful jazz concerts and festivals in Australia and the USA and producer of a prolific number of jazz recordings.  It was acquired through an artist friend of Horst’s at some point during the 1970s or 80s. Horst has hand-written his name in pen (see photos).  Interesting bio at

ORIGIN : South Africa.
LABEL : Philips Records.



MINT: Never opened, still in original shrink wrap.

NM: Opened, appears unplayed.

EX: A few very light surface hair-line marks with no major deterioration to the sound quality.

VG: A few light scratches and/or scuffs creating audible background noise. There is no skipping or jumping on this record unless indicated in the condition description.

A plus or minus (+ or -) denotes slightly better or slightly less than a grade, eg. VG+.

Each record has been cleaned and played to ensure the accuracy of the following grading


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