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Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue, Vinyl LP

Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue, Vinyl LP


Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue, Vinyl LP

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An unswervingly honest, highly personal album - Blue Daisy distills
his personal experiences in to this cinematic meditation on the clash between the forces of dark and light, good and evil.
Wrestling with inner and outer demons he leads us on an intense
spiral of a journey fuelled by uncomfortable truths, sleepless nights, love, loss, religion, faith and doubt. Unconfined to a genre, the record traverses brooding rock, intense rap, blues and is imbued with a punk attitude and aesthetic throughout.
The album displays a dazzling array of sonics, the gospel overtones of'My Heart', the caustic battle hymn of the title track, to the blisteringly anthemic 'Gravediggers'. Blue Daisy is vocalist, musician and producer Kwesi Darko. The North Londoner's ambition to make timeless music has resulted in a slow stream of high-caliber releases and thrilling, increasingly adventurous live shows. His debut single was awarded Pitchfork's coveted 'Best New Track' status, and album, The Sunday Gift, was warmly received and heralded as Electronic Album of The Year by
MOJO magazine. In 2013 he rebooted and embarked on a new
chapter by unleashing the defiantly NSFW track Fuck A Rap Song - The Guardian's Single Of The Week - opening for Public Enemy, featuring and producing on Tricky's album and starting what would eventually become Darker Than Blue.

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