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Cat Power - What Would The Community Think, Vinyl LP

Cat Power - What Would The Community Think, Vinyl LP


Cat Power - What Would The Community Think, Vinyl LP

Factory sealed Vinyl LP. 

1996's 'What Would The Community Think?,' Chan (pronounced "Shawn") Marshall's second album under the name Cat Power, finds the North Carolinian at lo-fi maverick Doug Easley's Memphis studio, her soft, engagingly shy voice and delicate acoustic guitar supported by Easley's pedal steel and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley's percussion.

Though Easley and Shelley are better known for working with much louder, noisier artists than Marshall, they never overpower her sensitive but sturdy material.

Sounding more self-assured than she did on her debut, 1995's Dear Sir, Marshall invests more passion and fire in songs like the foreboding "Water and Air" and the obsessive, feedback and piano-laced title track than one expects to find in the slacker-friendly lo-fi genre.

Elsewhere, the delicate "King Rides By" is an unvarnished love song that packs an equally powerful emotional wallop.

This is an outstanding, underrated album. Personnel: Chan "Cat Power" Marshall (guitar, piano); Tim Foljahn (guitar); Doug Easley (pedal steel); Davis (Moog); Steve Shelley (drums, xylophone). Recorded at Easley Studios, Memphis, Tennessee in February 1996.

Track Listing:

  • 1. In This Hole
  • 2. Good Clean Fun
  • 3. What Would The Community Think
  • 4. Nude As The News
  • 5. They Tell Me
  • 6. Taking People
  • 7. Fate Of The Human Carbine
  • 8. King Rides By
  • 9. Bathysphere
  • 10. Water & Air
  • 11. Enough
  • 12. The Coat Is Always On

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