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Dalglish - Niaiw Ot Vile, Vinyl LP, Germany 2013 PAN PAN45

Dalglish - Niaiw Ot Vile, Vinyl LP, Germany 2013 PAN PAN45


Dalglish - Niaiw Ot Vile, Vinyl LP, Germany 2013 PAN PAN45

Experimental, IDM.

The prickly, Autechrian productions of Chris Douglas aka Dalglish find a sympathetic home on PAN with 'Niaiw Ot Vile'.

Under myriad guises - Scald Rougish, Seaes, Rook Vallade, among others - Chris has forged a twenty year career as a self-imposed arch-outsider on the fringes of electronic music, finding recognition and respect from intrepid explorers for his persistence and uncompromising approach, all the while remaining an elusive presence.

Most notably he's worked with Mad Mike and Drexciya in an unspecified capacity after moving to Detroit as a 17 year old and also appeared at Autechre's pivotal ATP festival in 2003. As with much of his catalogue, his PAN debut feels like a tribute to that influential Æ period circa LP5. It's far more obtuse, refusing the anticipatory gratification of rhythmic loops and more focussed on intricate harmonics and electro-acoustic spatial diffusion over its ten tracks. At its quietest, as with closer 'Oidhche', in the sorrow of 'Viochlm' and the haunted soundscape of 'Sclunt' his melodies remind us of Leyland Kirby.

ORIGIN : Germany 2013
CONDITION OF COVER : EX+ (NM, aside from split in the top of the sleeve)
CONDITION OF RECORD : NM (Appears unplayed, aside from grading the record. Some minor manufacturers surface marks that do not effect sound.


MINT: Never opened, still in original shrink wrap.

NM: Opened, appears unplayed.

EX: A few very light surface hair-line marks with no major deterioration to the sound quality.

VG: A few light scratches and/or scuffs creating audible background noise. There is no skipping or jumping on this record unless indicated in the condition description.

A plus or minus (+ or -) denotes slightly better or slightly less than a grade, eg. VG+.

Each record has been cleaned and played to ensure the accuracy of the following grading.

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