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Dark Horse; The Secret Life of George Harrison, Geoffrey Giuliano, Bloomsbury

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Dark Horse; The Secret Life of George Harrison by Geoffrey Giuliano.

Published by Bloomsbury, London, 1989.  242 pages, b/w photos. Grey-cloth board.
'From Harrison's humble working-class roots to his life as a superstar . tells the compelling, untold story of this complex and extraordinarily talented musician from Liverpool . what really happened during the Beatles' infamous all-night recording sessions; how Harrison felt as he struggled to get his own carefully crafted songs recorded on albums dominated by Lennon and McCartney; the sometimes painful particulars of Harrison's many marital infidelities, including his affair with Ringo's wife . his divorce from Pattie Boyd . his retreat into hard drugs." - "'Geoffrey Giuliano? that guy knows more about my life than I do!' George Harrison, 1983"
Binding intact. An excellent copy  with minimal wear.

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