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David Bowie "David Bowie" Coloured Red & Blue RSD 2018 New & Sealed Double LP

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David Bowie ‎– "David Bowie" (Record Store Day 2018 Red & Blue Vinyl LP).

First time on heavyweight red and blue coloured vinyl for David Bowie's debut album. This 2LP set features the Mono version of the album on Disc One and the Stereo version on Disc Two.

Track Listing/Description
Side A
A1       Uncle Arthur           
A2       Sell Me A Coat        
A3       Rubber Band          
A4       Love You Till Tuesday       
A5       There Is A Happy Land     
A6       We Are Hungry Men        
A7       When I Live My Dream    
Side B
B1       Little Bombardier  
B2       Silly Boy Blue          
B3       Come And Buy My Toys  
B4       Join The Gang         
B5       She's Got Medals   
B6       Maids Of Bond Street       
B7       Please Mr. Gravedigger   
Side C
C1       Uncle Arthur           
C2       Sell Me A Coat        
C3       Rubber Band          
C4       Love You Till Tuesday       
C5       There Is A Happy Land     
C6       We Are Hungry Men        
C7       When I Live My Dream    
Side D
D1       Little Bombardier  
D2       Silly Boy Blue          
D3       Come And Buy My Toys  
D4       Join The Gang         
D5       She's Got Medals   
D6       Maids Of Bond Street       
D7       Please Mr. Gravedigger

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