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Deerhoof - Miracle - Level, White Vinyl LP

Deerhoof - Miracle - Level, White Vinyl LP


Deerhoof - Miracle - Level, White Vinyl LP

Factory sealed.

Did you know that miracles happen every day? We don’t always see it that way. We look at the state of the world and think, “It’ll be a miracle if we make it out alive.” But miracles are what humans do. We’re Earth’s most inventive and unpredictable species, when we’re allowed to be. Also the most destructive. Miracle-Level is Deerhoof’s mystical manifesto on creativity and trust. It celebrates the infinite small wonders of existence that spontaneously present themselves, when not obstructed by our death-driven masters.

Musically, Miracle-Level is vulnerable, brave, and brimming with spicy surprises. Deerhoof’s 19th album is also their their first to be recorded and mixed in a recording studio. Production was entrusted to Mike Bridavsky, at No Fun Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is also their first album written entirely in Satomi’s native language. Deerhoof once again speak in a secret code that only their fans understand, in which hooks abound, and genre is nonexistent.


  1. Sit Down, Let Me Tell You a Story
  2. My Lovely Cat!
  3. The Poignant Melody
  4. Everybody, Marvel
  5. Jet-Black Double-Shield
  6. Miracle-Level
  7. And the Moon Laughs
  8. The Little Maker
  9. Phase-Out All Remaining Non-Miracles by 2028
  10. Momentary Art of Soul!
  11. Wedding, March, Flower


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