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Deftones - White Pony 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

Deftones - White Pony 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set


Deftones - White Pony 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

Factory Sealed (New)

While living on houseboats in Sausalito, California, Deftones broke away from their nu-metal and recorded the melodic highlight of their career. Released on June 20, 2000, Deftones' "White Pony" is a moody album born of sex, Sade, and cocaine - which was immediately acclaimed as a masterpiece by fans and critics alike. 

In the 20 years since release, "White Pony" has continued to grow in stature and influence. The album is a timeless classic that transcends the boundaries of metal’s tribal subgenres. Artistically, it’s extraordinary – diverse influences crash in harsh maelstroms or coalesce in melodic ambience, the songs smoothly flowing into each other. 

"White Pony 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe," celebrates all that the album has accomplished in the 20 years since audiences first heart "White Pony." And to help commemorate their infamous album, Deftones have gathered various talent extraordinaire to both remix and revitalise their album. 

Pressed on Classic Black Vinyl. Side H features an etching of the White Pony. Sides E, F and G, Black Stallion feature newly commissioned remixes from highly regarded artists. CD1 features the tracks of White Pony and CD2 features the tracks of Black Stallion


White Pony

Side A:

  1. Feiticeira
  2. Digital Bath
  3. Elite

Side B:

  1. Rx Queen
  2. Street Carp
  3. Teenager

Side C:

  1. Knife Prty
  2. Korea
  3. Passenger

Side D:

  1. Change (In The House Of Flies)
  2. Pink Maggit
Black Stallion

Side E:

  1. Feiticeira Clams Casino Remix
  2. Digital Bath Dj Shadow Remix
  3. Elite Blanck Mass Remix
  4. Rx Queen Salva Remix

Side F:

  1. Street Carp Phantogram Remix
  2. Teenager Robert Smith Remix
  3. Knife Prty Purity Ring Remix
  4. Korea Trevor Jackson Remix

Side G:

  1. Passenger Mike Shinoda Remix
  2. Change (In The House Of Flies) Tourist Remix
  3. Pink Maggit Squarepusher Remix

Side H:

  1. Etched

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