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Donny Benet - The Don, Vinyl LP

Donny Benet - The Don, Vinyl LP


Donny Benet - The Don, Vinyl LP

Recorded in the infamous Donnyland studios using the finest Japanese, American and Italian synthesizers, 'The Don' speaks to the heart, promising love as soft as Italian leather. Donny's immaculate Armani grooves hint at the dancefloor and the bedroom The Don is transportive.

'Night In Rome' opens the shutters of your hotel room onto a view of The Colosseum, 'Reach The Top' thrusts you on a frenzied race to success through the streets of NYC. 'Working Out' urges you to break a sweat wherever you may be. 'Konichiwa', is a song as smooth as the silken tofu from whence the songs spirit is inspired, and 'Santorini', an ode to love worth fighting for along the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Working Out
  • 2. Love Online
  • 3. You're Too Good
  • 4. Santorini
  • 5. Reach The Top
  • 6. Konichiwa
  • 7. Night in Rome
  • 8. Just Leave Him

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