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Dugites, Dallimore, Mother Goose, Cyril B Bunter, Orig Gig Poster, Family Hotel Rydalmere


Date c.1980
Country Australia
Dimensions 51 × 76 cm 
Print Technique
Screen print
Type Gig Poster

In good condition:  two spots of sticky-tape residue at top centre and 7 cm below, small paper loses due to sticky-tape removal on top right and left corners and light staining along right-hand edge (see photos).

These original, vintage, screen-printed posters were cheaply-made advertisements for forthcoming shows;  taped or posted around telegraph poles, usually over the top of the previous weeks' posters, they symbolise a special moment in time for followers of Sydney's pub rock scene during the 1970s and 1980s.  Hard to find in this condition!

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