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Fugazi - Red Medicine, Vinyl LP

Fugazi - Red Medicine, Vinyl LP


Fugazi - Red Medicine, Vinyl LP

Factory sealed Vinyl LP. 

"Red Medicine," released in 1995, is the fourth studio album by the influential post-hardcore band Fugazi. Known for their intense energy and uncompromising DIY ethic, Fugazi expanded their sonic palette with this album, incorporating elements of experimental rock, dub, and noise. The album's raw production, angular guitar riffs, and politically charged lyrics showcase the band's innovative approach to punk music.

Tracks like "Do You Like Me" and "Combination Lock" exemplify Fugazi's ability to merge aggressive soundscapes with thoughtful, introspective themes. "Red Medicine" is a testament to Fugazi's evolution and enduring impact on the punk and alternative rock scenes.



  1. Do You Like Me
  2. Bed For The Scraping
  3. Latest Disgrace
  4. Birthday Pony
  5. Forensic Scene
  6. Combination Lock
  7. Fell, Destroyed


  1. By You
  2. Version
  3. Target
  4. Back To Base
  5. Downed City
  6. Long Distance Runner

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