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Garrott Brothers K1 Stereo Hi-Fi Cartridge

Garrott Brothers K1 Stereo Hi-Fi Cartridge


The K1:

The first of the Garrott cartridges has a conical stylus, which may seem a bit ordinary until you remember that even some classic cartridges had conical or even spherical stylus tips! The K1 is a very good step up from the common types of cartridge that many turntables came with, or even as a step up from those old Shures which, in their day, were "the step up." The K1 is compatible with most turntables/arms of the "detachable headshell" or one-piece tubular type and with the usual sort of MM (moving magnet) phono stages found in amplifiers.


Cartridge Type: Moving Magnet

Diamond Stylus:  Garrott Supertrack 1 (Conical)

Frequency Response:  20Hz-20Khz +/- 2dB


Channel Separation: 25dB (typical) @ 1KHz


Tracking Force Range: 1.5 ±0.2 Grams

Cartridge Weight: 5.8 Grams

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