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Groove Armada - GA25, 2x Vinyl LP

Groove Armada - GA25, 2x Vinyl LP


Groove Armada - GA25, 2x Vinyl LP

Factory Sealed (New)

The stage is set for an almighty celebration as Groove Armada approach a huge milestone and mark the anniversary with a return to the road. New music plays a key part of the GA25 celebrations, with the duo recruiting some of today's leading underground artists to remix their most iconic tracks, packed into a box set celebrating an award winning career that has seen them produce an impressive, record-breaking body of work. 25 years on from their debut, Groove Armada have become one of the most influential and successful dance acts of the 21st century, a position they have maintained, proving to be an influential force in the UK and globally. Over two decades of prolific productions and tireless touring they've proved that it's possible to daringly explore a multitude of sounds while achieving critical and commercial success.

Side A

1. I See You Baby (GA25 Version)

2. Song 4 Mutya (GA25 Version)

3. Back to My Roots (feat. Richie Havens) [GA25 Version]

Side B

1. Superstylin' (GA25 Version)

2. If Everybody Looked the Same (GA25 Version)

3. Purple Haze (GA25 Version)

Side C

1. My Friend (GA25 Version)

2. Chicago (GA25 Version)

3. Easy (GA25 Version)

Side D

1. Edge Hill (GA25 Version)

2. The Girls Say (GA25 Version)

3. Get Down (GA25 Version)

4. At the River (GA25 Version)

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