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Haiku Hands - Self-Titled, Vinyl LP

Haiku Hands - Self-Titled, Vinyl LP


Haiku Hands - Self-Titled, Vinyl LP

Rebellious, experimental and wildly unconventional, Haiku Hands was primarily recorded in Melbourne with Joel Ma (Joelistics) and features emblematic collaborations with SOFI TUKKER, Mad Zach, Machine Drum, Mirac, Elgusto of Hermitude and Lewis CanCut.  Featuring lead singles “Fashion Model Art”, “Not About You”,”Manbitch”, and “Onset” ,the 12-track LP probes themes including technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary.

“This album is an opus of discovery,” says the group. “It maps the finding of our sound, our voices and what we wanted to say. These songs chart some of the very first sessions we ever did where we spent most of the time rolling around on the floor laughing, to the latest sessions where we were so tired and alive from touring and we knew much more clearly what we wanted to say.” "Working with Haiku Hands in the studio is like releasing a flock of exotic birds in the room, ideas fly thick and fast and inevitably the songs leave a trail of tropical plumage and bangers in their wake,” said producer Joel Ma.

Haiku Hands have brought their singular, rebellious, and outright fun sound across multiple continents over the past two years. On the heel of their breakthrough performances at the UK’s Great Escape, Haiku Hands has been touted by NME as “Australia’s most electrifying pop prospect” and “a thrilling pop hybrid” who combine the pure pop attitude of Charli XCX with the energy and swagger of The Beastie Boys.



  1. Not About You
  2. Manbitch
  3. Sunride
  4. Jupiter
  5. Fashion Model Art (feat. SOFI TUKKER)
  6. Onset (feat. Mad Zach)
  7. Eat This Bass


  1. Car Crash
  2. Super Villain
  3. Mechanical Animal
  4. I See You Baby
  5. Morning Becomes
  6. Conclusions

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