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Heldon ‎– Stand By, Vinyl LP

Heldon ‎– Stand By, Vinyl LP


Heldon ‎– Stand By, Vinyl LP

Factory sealed. New.

With their seventh and final album of the 70s HELDON certainly went out on a high. Stand Bys mood remains urgent and gripping throughout, fashioned via immense synthesizer sounds, a plethora of interweaving drum patterns, spiralling guitar chops and lurching riffs. It's been likened to krautrock, yet Pinhas never paid attention to the German scene. There are other similarities to parallel innovations that John Carpenter was making in the field of sci-fi/horror soundtracks. Stand By was Heldon's seventh and final album of the 1970s. Afterwards, Richard Pinhas focused on solo LPs before quitting music for around a decade. It was the end of the tale, he explains. We decided to split for many reasons. The main one was that one or two of the other musicians wanted to stop. They were session musicians, mainly.

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