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Hiatus Kaiyote – Get Sun, 12" Vinyl RSD Single

Hiatus Kaiyote – Get Sun, 12" Vinyl RSD Single


Factory Sealed (New)

Hiatus Kaiyote’s lead single “Get Sun” from their upcoming album "Mood Valiant” features Brazilian composer/ arranger Arthur Verocai whose finishing touches made a great song amazing. Deep grooves, soaring vocals, and luscious, cinematic strings all clash to create this wild melange, which remains thrilling through its entire five and a half minutes.

There are no words in the English language to sufficiently capture the ambition and appeal of Hiatus Kaiyote. To say they are musically talented is such an understatement, it feels tantamount to an insult. Their “Get Sun” single is packed with instrumental, acapella, samples and locked groove loops for the heads and beatmaker enthusiasts!

Pressed on Classic Black Vinyl

 Track Listing:

Side A:
  1. Get Sun
  2. Bird Sounds
  3. Acoustic Guitar Interlude
  4. Horn & String Arrangement
  5. One Shot Sample
  6. Keys & Guitar Interlude
  7. Locked Grooves 1
Side B:
  1. Acapella
  2. Instrumental
  3. Locked Grooves 2

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