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Interface ‎– Recording Field, H. US 2003 Deep Listening ‎– DL 27-2003  DVD

Interface ‎– Recording Field, H. US 2003 Deep Listening ‎– DL 27-2003 DVD



 "Recording Field, H" features several firsts: the first recording
bringing together Pauline Oliveros and interface; the first video
documentation of interface and their unusual instruments;
the first video documentation of the sonic character pieces
Streams and Pikapika; the first duo connecting shakuhachi and
the bowed-sensor-speaker-array; finally, the first DVD released
by Deep Listening Publications.

The odd-numbered tracks are electronic improvisations, created
spontaneously with custom-made instruments. The even-numbered
tracks feature Tomie Hahn as two radically contrasting sonic
characters. [...] In both pieces Tomie wears a sensing device
developed by Curtis Bahn. This interface enables Tomie
to negotiate full control of all aspects of the virtual soundscape
structure with her movements.

The Expanded Instrument System (EIS) has been under continuous
development by Pauline Oliveros since 1965. The system began with
tape delay and now exists as a Max/MSP program first developed by
David Gamper. The current version of the EIS configuration is by
Stephan Moore.

Thanks to Madeleine Gallagher, Jonathan Lee Marcus, Stephan Moore,
and Lazarina Todorova.

Produced by "interface," DL 27-2003
© and ℗ 2003 Deep Listening Publications ASCAP

On the back cover:

Fig. 2.

Total Time – 66:55

More images available upon request

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