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John Cale "Fragments Of A Rainy Season", New Double LP 180g Vinyl + Download

John Cale "Fragments Of A Rainy Season", New Double LP 180g Vinyl + Download



John Cale

Fragments Of A Rainy Season

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It's hard to imagine John Cale on MTV, but if he appeared on Unplugged, the result probably would sound like this. Alone, Cale accompanies himself on acoustic piano and guitar, playing a retrospective set of some of his best and most accessible music. The emphasis is on his more contemplative material, such as the early Paris 1919 album, his later Words for the Dying, which features the poetry of Dylan Thomas set to music, and other notable Cale ballads. He does throw in some rock & roll fervor and some of his noisy avant-garde effects on numbers like "Guts," but for the most part this is a John Cale who, while intense, is quiet and dignified.


  1. On A Wedding Anniversary
  2. Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed
  3. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  4. Cordoba
  5. Buffalo Ballet
  6. A Child's Christmas In Wales
  7. Darling I Need You
  8. Guts
  9. Ship Of Fools
  10. Leaving It Up To You
  11. The Ballad of Cable Hogue
  12. Chinese Envoy
  13. Dying On The Vine
  14. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend)
  15. Heartbreak Hotel
  16. Style It Takes
  17. Paris 1919
  18. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  19. Thoughtless Kind
  20. Hallelujah
  21. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend) - Outtake
  22. Amsterdam Outtake
  23. Broken Hearts Outtake
  24. I'm Waiting For The Man Outtake
  25. Heartbreak Hotel Outtake (Strings)
  26. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend) Outtake (Strings)
  27. Paris 1919 Outtake (Strings)
  28. Antarctica Starts Here Outtake (Strings)


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