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Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing. 2 x Vinyl LP

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing. 2 x Vinyl LP


Factory sealed Vinyl LP. 

Gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves

2015 Bang! Records – BANG!-LP84

Pressed on 150-gram vinyl. This masterpiece by Kim Salmon (The Scientists), recorded in 1995 and released only on CD in Europe and Australia in 1997, now presented on vinyl as a deluxe gatefold double LP with extensive liner notes by Salmon. The original CD release included a bonus CD, the You're Such a Freak EP, the complete contents of which are included here. All the way from Melbourne, Australia, to Memphis, USA. Kim Salmon, once again, exposed his versatility, creativity, and imagination in this extensive and varied album that takes us from the black exploitation pimp soundtrack as understood by Mr. Salmon up to his ingenious focus on minimalist sounds. Kim Salmon, once again... on this occasion with Jim Dickinson by his side. There is no need to mention anything else. Produced by Jim Dickinson.

1.1 A1. I Won't Tell
1.2 A2. The Zipper
1.3 A3. You're Such a Freak
1.4 A4. Undone
1.5 A5. The Connoisseur
1.6 A6. Insurance Man
1.7 B1. Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing
1.8 B2. You've Got Layers
1.9 B3. Alcohol
1.10 B4. The Lot
1.11 B5. Horizontal Zipper
1.12 B6. I Am a Voyeur
2.1 C1. Guilt Free
2.2 C2. Space 1999
2.3 C3. Medium
2.4 C4. Put Your Trust in Me
2.5 C5. Caught in the Zipper
2.6 D1. I'm Evil
2.7 D2. Hey Momma, Hey Little Sister
2.8 D3. Radiation
2.9 D4. A Good Parasite Won't Kill It's Host

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