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Lucinda Williams ‎– This Sweet Old World. 25th Silver & Gold Vinyl 2xLP

Lucinda Williams ‎– This Sweet Old World. 25th Silver & Gold Vinyl 2xLP


Factory sealed.

25th Anniversary Edition

This Sweet Old World features updated interpretations of songs such as “Prove My Love”, “Sidewalks of the City”, “Memphis Pearl” and “Lines Around Your Eyes”. Williams breathes new life into classics “Pineola”, “Sweet Old World”, “Something About What Happens When We Talk”, “Little Angel, Little Brother” and Nick Drake’s “Which Will”. “He Never Got Enough Love” is transformed with additional verses, new sound and new title, “Drivin’ Down A Dead End Street”, which was the song’s original title.

The arrangements on This Sweet Old World are tighter and rawer than the original and feature Williams’ fantastic touring/studio band: guitarist Stuart Mathis, bassist David Sutton, and drummer Butch Norton. Guitarist Greg Leisz, who actually participated in the early sessions for the 1992 album, adds his masterful playing to the new recordings.

As if re-recording an entire studio album was not already an unprecedented move, Williams and company also chose to re-record the four tracks that were not included on the original release. This Sweet Old World features new versions of “Factory Blues”, “Dark Side of Life”, John Anderson’s “Wild and Blue” and the John Leventhal/Jim Lauderdale-penned “What You Don’t Know”.

Pressed on Gold and Silver vinyl


Track Listing

Side A

  1. Six Blocks Away
  2. Prove My Love
  3. Something About What Happens When We Talk
  4. Memphis Pearl

Side B

  1. Sidewalks of the City
  2. Sweet Old World
  3. Little Angel, Little Brother
  4. Pineola

Side C

  1. Lines Around Your Eyes
  2. Drivin' Down a Dead End Street
  3. Hot Blood
  4. Which Will 

Side D

  1. Factory Blues
  2. What You Don't Know
  3. Wild and Blue
  4. Dark Side of Life

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