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Mental As Anything, Martin Plaza, Greedy Smith, Reg Mombassa, c. 1980 Original Vintage T-shirt

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Date early 1980s.
Country Australia
Dimensions When laid flat:  waist:  41 cm, hips:  47 cm, back of neck to hem:  62 cm.  Size M would be classed today as "Small" adult.
White poly/cotton T-shirt, made in Australia.

Image on front of T-shirt only.  Has been worn and laundered many times.  Fabric condition is very good:  no holes, tears, loose or open stitching, insect damage, stains or mould.

Mental As Anything is a well-known Australian rock band, formed in 1976, and featuring Greedy Smith, Martin Plaza and Reg Mombassa.  The phrase, "mental as anything" is late 1970s slang for being crazy, outlandish, having extreme fun or 'going off'.

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