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Moby Grape Avalon Ballroom 1967 1st ed 'Neptune's Notion' Moscoco poster


Date 24th-25th February, 1967
Country USA
Dimensions 50.8 cm x 35.5 cm 
Print Technique
Type Gig Poster

Excellent used condition; bright, supple and clean; note pinholes and faint tape marks at all four corners, pinhole at top-centre and two small, vertical handling creases along the top edge, piece of sticky tape at bottom-right corner adjacent to tiny surface loss; note four light tape marks on verso (see photos).

Artwork by Victor Moscoco

Performers:  Moby Grape, The Charlatans

Lights:  "Humble" Ben Van Meter and Rodger Hillyard

Publisher:  Family Dog Productions

Venue:  Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, California.

This poster is identifiable as a first edition by the absence of a small line in the blue border above the ‘er’ of ‘Kepler’s Book Store’ (in "Ticket Outlets" strip at bottom), and by the way the back of the first edition does not turn grey or lavender under black light like the second and third editions.  A popular Moscoco design, known as "Neptune's Notion", this first edition Family Dog poster was printed prior to the show.

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