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Morning Of The Earth - 50th Anniversary Reissue, Vinyl LP

Morning Of The Earth - 50th Anniversary Reissue, Vinyl LP


Factory sealed Vinyl LP.  

50th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue!

In 1972, Albert Falzon made a film that would forever change the way the world thought about surfing. The film was Morning of the Earth.

For many people it was the very first time they came to recognise surfing as a complete lifestyle. This recognition, coupled with mind-blowing, innovative surfing made the film a classic that has remained vital for over 50 years. Albe’s portrayal of all things pure and simple influenced generations, and passed on an enduring sprit to our culture, our music, and our lifestyle.

Morning of the Earth took a unique approach to music. For the first time, music was not treated as a background or incidental to the vision on the screen. The music was the narrator, with each track played in its entirety. 

The original soundtrack produced the Australian #1 single Open Up Your Heart and was the first Australian soundtrack to achieve gold sales. It was also recently included in the 100 Best Australian Albums


  • 1. Morning of the Earth - G.Wayne Thomas
  • 2. Ill Be Alright - Terry Hannagan
  • 3. First Things First - Tamam Shud
  • 4. Sure Feels Good - Brian Cadd
  • 5. Open Up Your Heart - G.Wayne Thomas
  • 6. Simple Ben - John J.Francis


  • 1. Bali Waters - Tamam Shud
  • 2. Making It On Your Own - Brian Cadd
  • 3. Day Comes - G.Wayne Thomas
  • 4. Sea The Swells - Tamam Shud
  • 5. Im Alive - Peter Howe
  • 6. Come With Me - Brian Cadd


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