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Music and Theatre from Poliziano to Monteverdi by Nino Pirrotta and Elena Povoledo. Cambridge University Press, 1982 UK Hardcover 1st ed.



This book describes the many ways in which music was used in Italian theatrical performances between the late fifteenth and early seventeenth centuries. In particular, it concentrates on Polizano's Orfeo, Machiavelli's commedies, the Florentine intermedi and early operas, and the first operas in Venice.


Author: Nino Pirrotta and Elena Povoledo

Title:  Music and Theatre from Poliziano to Monteverdi

Published:  1982 (1st edition)

Publisher:  Cambridge University Press

Hard Cover: 392 pages

Book Condition:  Very Good (see photos).

Dust Jacket Condition:  Very Good. (see photos).

ISBN 10: 0521232597 ISBN 13: 9780521232593

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