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Nérija - Blume, 2x Vinyl LP

Nérija - Blume, 2x Vinyl LP


Nérija - Blume, 2x Vinyl LP

Factory Sealed (New)

Nérija are the septet of contemporary jazz luminaries, Nubya Garcia (tenor saxophone), Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet), Cassie Kinoshi (alto saxophone), Rosie Turton (trombone), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Lizy Exell (drums) and Rio Kai (bass). Rooted in friendship, Nérija is a collective whose breakneck shifts in tempo and style rely on a deep understanding of mood, temperament and expression, a solid show of trust that extends beyond the usual bonds between musicians.

Blume is a truly breath-taking collection of compositions that perfectly encapsulates everything Nérija; vibrant, engaging, infectious and truly current. For just over an hour, they take us on a sprawling wonderful journey, arriving at what is a majestic body of work; their personal and collective experiences and inspirations over the last half decade or so.

2LP black heavyweight 12" vinyl w/t labels, SIDE D ETCHED (no audio), and includes download card

Track Listing:

  • 1. Nascence
  • 2. Riverfest
  • 3. Last Straw
  • 4. Partner Girlfriend Lover
  • 5. EU (Emotionally Unavailable)
  • 6. Blume
  • 7. Equanimous
  • 8. Swift
  • 9. Unbound
  • 10. Blume ii

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