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Pom Poko - Cheater, Clear Vinyl LP

Pom Poko - Cheater, Clear Vinyl LP


Factory sealed Vinyl LP. 

"If you have a vacancy for Favourite New Band, Pom Poko would like to apply for the role," tweeted Tim Burgess in April, as Norway's finest punk-pop anti-conformists revisited their joyous debut album, Birthday, for one of Tim's mood-lifting Twitter listening parties.

Pom Poko pimp their CV on all fronts with their glorious second album, Cheater, due for release 6th November via Bella Union and available to preorder here.

Between the quartet's sweet melodies, galvanic punky ructions and wild-at-art-rock eruptions, Cheater is the sound of a band celebrating the binding extremes that make them so uniquely qualified to thrill: and, like Tim's listening party, to fulfil any need you might have for a pick-you-up.


  1. Cheater
  2. Like A Lady
  3. Andrew
  4. My Candidacy
  5. Danger Baby
  6. Andy Go To School
  7. Look
  8. Baroque Denial
  9. Curly Romance
  10. Body Level

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