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Popol Vuh - Acoustic & Ambient Spheres Vol. 2 4x LP

Popol Vuh - Acoustic & Ambient Spheres Vol. 2 4x LP



The box contains the albums Seligpreisung (1973), Coeur de Verre (OST for the Werner Herzog Move "Coeur de Verre" 1978), Agape-Agape Love Love (1983) and Cobra Verde (OST for the Werner Herzog Movie 1987). All albums have been newly remastered on heavyweight 180g audiophile vinyl including one bonus track per album. The albums appear with adjusted original artworks. The boxset is completed by three picture prints, a picture still from the Movie "Coeur de Verre" and the original movie poster of "Cobra Verde" (both in Din A3 format) and an insert with detailed liners and photos.

This edition consolidates four significant albums from the 1970s and the 1980s, conflating ambient musical phases of Popol Vuh. It sheds light on their central, recurring motives and styles of rock music, folk-ethno-fusion, ambient music and two atmospheric soundtracks for legendary Werner Herzog movies. Ultimately, Fricke personally did not like it when his music was categorised in genres or typologies: "Call it Magic Music, or Love Music, if you like: it’s music for the soul. That’s it."


  • 1. Der Tod Des Cobra Verde
  • 2. Nachts: Schnee
  • 3. Der Marktplatz
  • 4. Eine Andere Welt
  • 5. Grab Der Mutter
  • 6. Om Mani Padme Hum 4 (Bonus Track)
  • 7. Sieh Nicht Überm Meer Ist's
  • 8. Hab' Mut. Bis Dass Die Nacht Mit Ruh' Und Stille Kommt
  • 9. Om Mani Padme Hum 4 (Piano Version)


  • 1. Hand in hand
  • 2. They danced, they laughed, as of old
  • 3. Love, life, death
  • 4. The Christ is near
  • 5. Behold, The drover summonds
  • 6. Agape-Agape
  • 7. Why do I still sleep
  • 8. Circledance (Bonus Track)


  • 1. Engel der Gegenwart
  • 2. Blätter aus dem Buch der Kühnheit
  • 3. Das Lied von den hohen Bergen
  • 4. Hüter der Schwelle
  • 5. Der Ruf
  • 6. Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe
  • 7. Gemeinschaft
  • 8. Earth View (Bonus Track)


  • 1. Selig sind, die da hungern
  • 2. Tand der Chassidim
  • 3. Selig sind, die da hier weinen
  • 4. Selig sind, die da willig arm sind
  • 5. Selig sind, die da Leid klagen
  • 6. Selig sind, die Sanftmütigen
  • 7. Selig sind, die da reinen Herzens sind
  • 8. Ja, sie sollen Gottes Kinder heissen
  • 9. Be in Love (Bonus Track)



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