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Primus – Tales From The Punchbowl. E.U. 2018 Reissue 2 x Vinyl LP

Primus – Tales From The Punchbowl. E.U. 2018 Reissue 2 x Vinyl LP


Factory sealed Vinyl LP. 

In his review for AllMusic, Daniel Gioffre describes the album as "unabashed prog rock... which even the thick dollops of irony that the band seeks to impart to its compositions are unable to mask completely." He also says that "the high-energy angular rhythms that Primus is known and loved for are as present as ever; they are just pulled off with greater zest and looser precision (if there is such a thing) than they have in the past", concluding that "Tales From the Punchbowl is one of Primus' finer discs." Robert Christgau describes the album simply as "modern teen horrors simplified–and funkified." Chuck Eddy of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B and said, "Hearing Les Claypool thwap oppressive bass lines while rapping like a congested auctioneer isn't nearly as entertaining as watching this trio fish for bass on MTV."

Tales from the Punchbowl was nearly as successful as Pork Soda, and peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200, making it Primus' second-highest chart position. It is also the band's last studio album to be certified gold by the RIAA.


  • 1. Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats
  • 2. Mrs. Blaileen
  • 3. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
  • 4. Southbound Pachyderm
  • 5. Space Farm
  • 6. Year of the Parrot
  • 7. Hellbound 17½ (Theme From)
  • 8. Glass Sandwich
  • 9. Del Davis Tree Farm
  • 10. De Anza Jig
  • 11. On the Tweek Again
  • 12. Over the Electric Grapevine
  • 13. Captain Shiner

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