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Pro-Ject Premium Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine VC-S2

Pro-Ject Premium Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine VC-S2


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For the serious collector ...

The Pro-Ject VC-S2 Premium Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine cleans vinyl and shellac records with ease.  Built with an aluminium casing, and including a huge 2.5 litre solution tank, the VC-S2 is the ultimate record cleaning tool. It also includes an aluminium clamp to seal the record label from liquid damage and a powerful motor which will clean records in 2 rotations.

  • New cabinet made from aluminium composite panels provides quieter operation.
  • Aluminium surface withstands cleaning fluid spill without compromising the chassis.
  • Super-fast and super-strong cleaning.
  • Superior motor for long life-time.
  • 2.5L tank that almost never needs to be emptied. 
  • Removes cleaning fluid residue free in 1 to 2 rotations. 
  • Eco-friendly, non-alcoholic cleaning fluid efficiently cleans and removes static load from vinyl and shellac records. 
  • New aluminium clamp prevents damage from cleaning fluid. 

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