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Rowland S Howard - Six Strings That Drew Blood 4x LP

Rowland S Howard - Six Strings That Drew Blood 4x LP



Compiled in conjunction with and with the full support of Genevieve McGuckin, Harry Howard and Mick Harvey among others, Rowland S, Howard's 'Six Strings That Drew Blood' finally accords this remarkable individual the respect he deserves. The 32 tracks cover Rowland's career: beginning with a blistering version of "Shivers" from 1999, the anthology progresses chronologically, with tracks from The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls and a selection of tracks from both Teenage Snuff Film and Pop Crimes, There are also a number of collaborations, featuring Nikki Sudden, Lydia Lunch and Magic Dirt, Audio for the entire collection has been overseen by longtime producer Lindsay Gravina. 4LP set in a deluxe box, with each LP in its own sleeve, along with large format 16 page booklet, Mastered for vinyl and pressed on audiophile quality 180g virgin vinyl. Revered and iconic Australian rock musician, guitarist and songwriter Rowland S, Howard is best known for his work with the postpunk group The Birthday Party, as well as The Young Charlatans, The Boys Next Door, Crime the City Solution, These Immortal Souls and finally his subsequent solo career which spawned two studio albums.

Track List

A1. Shivers

A2. After A Fashion

A3. The Friend Catcher

A4. Happy Birthday

A5. Blast Off

B1. The Dim Locator

B2. Several Suns

B3. Some Velvet Morning

B4. Jennifer's Veil

B5. Say A Spell

C1. Six Bells Chime

C2. Her Room Of Lights

C3. Wedding Hotel

C4. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)

D1. I Ate The Knife

D2. So The Story Goes

D3. Crowned

E1. Insomnicide

E2. Black Milk

E3. Hyperspace

E4. The King Of Kalifornia

E5. Summer High

F1. Undone

F2. Exit Everything

F3. Autoluminescent

G1. Dead Radio

G2. Sleep Alone

G3. Shut Me Down

H1. (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny

H2. Pop Crimes

H3. Ave Maria

H4. The Golden Age Of Bloodshed





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