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Solidsteel SS-7 Tripod Speaker Stands

Solidsteel SS-7 Tripod Speaker Stands


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Major factors that affect the performance of your speakers are positioning and isolation:  placing speakers on stands rather than ordinary surfaces allows you to position your speakers in the best spot for your listening environment; and it is important for loudspeakers to be isolated from the surface they're resting on, especially if that surface has other audio equipment such as amplifiers or turntables on it.  The tripod design of the SS series is geometrically positioned to give each stand a sturdy support with minimum contact with the surrounding environment. Each leg ends with an adjustable floor spike, for even further isolation.  These decoupling floor spikes can be removed, allowing you to fill the frame with a damping material such as sand. This process is completely optional and gives you the ability to take this already solid stand to another level of acoustical isolation.


  • Increases musical quality and clarity from your speakers
  • Tripod design for stability and isolation
  • Height-adjustable floor spikes
  • Resonance-free
  • Made with high-quality Italian materials
  • Hand-welded for rigidity
  • 725 mm tall


Top Plate: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
: Stainless Steel with anti-resonant finish
Floor Spikes: Stainless Steel

Weight: 13 kg (each)
Dimensions when constructed (WxHxD): 330 x 725 x 310 mm
Top Plate Dimensions (WxD): 160 x 160 mm
Colour: Black/White/Raw Metal

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