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Songs Of Aboriginal Australia And Torres Strait, Sealed Folkways Records FE 4102

Songs Of Aboriginal Australia And Torres Strait, Sealed Folkways Records FE 4102

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Despite making up only a small percentage of the country’s total population, the aboriginal tribes of Australia are incredibly diverse and speak over 200 distinct languages. This recording features songs by aboriginal tribes from Western Australia, North Queensland, and the Torres Strait. Didjeridu player Albert (no last name given in liner notes), who uses a five foot didjeridu made from a hollowed out telegraph pole, can be heard on a number of tracks. Many of the songs on the recording have been passed from tribe to tribe, which has made the lyrics difficult to translate. Nevertheless, the songs’ meaning is still understood within the framework of ceremonial music. The liner notes feature photographs, musical transcription, and lyrics in the native languages and in English (where translation is possible).


LABEL : 1964 Folkways Records.



MINT: Never opened, still in original shrink wrap.

NM: Opened, appears unplayed.

EX: A few very light surface hair-line marks with no major deterioration to the sound quality.

VG: A few light scratches and/or scuffs creating audible background noise. There is no skipping or jumping on this record unless indicated in the condition description.

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