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Tristram Cary ‎– Soundings (Electroacoustic Works 1955-1996), Electronic Music 2xCD Tall Poppies ‎– TP139

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Titles on rear artwork:
CD1: Analogue Works 1955-1978
CD2: Music for Computer 1979-1996

Titles on disc:
CD1: Music for Analogue Tape
CD2: Music for Computer

Titles in booklet:
CD1: Selected Music for Analogue Tape, 1955-1978
CD2: Selected Music for Computer, 1979-1996

Track information in booklet:
1-1: Continuum for Stereo Tape (1969)
1-2: Suite - Leviathan '99 for Stereo Tape (1972)
1-3: 3 4 5 - A Study in Limited Resources for Stereo Tape (1967)
1-4: Suite - The Children of Lir for Mono Tape (1959/1996)
1-4: Birth is Life is Power is Death is God is..... for Stereo Tape (1967)
1-6: Suite - The Japanese Fishermen, recreated for Stereo Tape from 78rpm mono acetate discs (1955/1996)
1-7: Narcissus for Flute and Two Tape Recorders (1968)
1-8: Steam Music for Quad Tape (Stereo reduction for CD) (1978)
2-1: Nonet - Computer Music in Four Tracks (Stereo reduction for CD) (1979)
2-2: Soft Walls - Computer Music in Four Tracks (Stereo reduction) (1980)
2-3: Sine City II - Computer Music in Stereo (1979/96)
2-4: Black, White & Rose for Marimba, Gongs, Woodblocks and Tape (1991)
2-5 to 2-7: Three Clockpieces - Computer Music in Stereo (1983/96)
2-8: Trellises - Computer Music in Four Tracks (Stereo reduction) (1984)
2-9 to 2-15: The Impossible Piano (Homage to CN) for Sequencer & Sampled Piano (7 excerpts) (1994)

Track 1-3 is listed on rear artwork as: 345 - A Study in Limited Resouces for Stereo Tape

Total Time: 154:13

Cover Photos: Top: Cary at a recording session, CTS Studios, London, 1964
Bottom: Cary at photographer Michal Kluvanek's studio, Adelaide, 1999

This CD was funded by Arts South Australia, and is a co-production with the Electronic Music Foundation USA

© & ℗ 2000 Tall Poppies Records
Made in Australia


LABEL: Tall Poppies.






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EX: A few very light surface marks.

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