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Various Artists - Mighty Super Funk, 2x Vinyl LP

Various Artists - Mighty Super Funk, 2x Vinyl LP


Factory Sealed (New).

2008 double vinyl LP release. BGP's unique access to record company vaults across the U.S. means that Mighty Super Funk features titles that you simply can't get anywhere else. This time we have breathtaking Latin Funk from Jamo Thomas and also Los Africanos whose take on 'It's Your Thing' is a dead ringer for Ocho's classic 'Hot Pants Road' - mainly because it has the same team of musicians and producers behind it. Also at the peak of Funk discoveries are Eleanor Rigby's 'Queen of Losers' which is a new tune based on the rhythm of Brenda George's 'I Can't Stand It', and 87th Off Broadway's 'Moving Woman', a scorching piece of female-led group Funk. All of these will be essential must haves for funk fans. Beat Goes Public.

Track Listing:

Are You Together for the New Day - Love Experience
Queen of Losers - Elaenor Rigby
Come Groove Me Baby - Kim Tamago
One Sweet Song - Gloria Lucas
I'm Moving Home - Mary Anne McCall
Who Stole the Cookie - the Philips Brothers
Shake What You Brought with You - Mr Jamo
It's Your Thing - los Africanos
It's Mookie Time - Cleveland Eaton and the Kats
Party Time - James Carpenter
Moving Woman - 87th Off Broadway
Bad Bad Woman (PT 1) - Marie Franklin
New Day (From the Motion Picture It's a New Day) - Elroy Peace
He Say She Say - Chet Ivey
Do It - Adolph Jacobs
Snake Pit - Gunga Din
Cold Sweat - Julio Zavalla
Corn Bread Soul - Joe Haywood
Some Mother's Son - Sandra Phillips
The Sneak - the Douzer

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